Alberta Depot sculpture visits Eastlink Centre

Recycling Sculpture

Next stop for unique sculpture - Eastlink Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Alberta Depot’s sculpture Return will be featured from March 1-30, 2017 at Eastlink Centre to help highlight the importance of beverage container recycling in Alberta.

Alberta Depot commissioned local Alberta artists Cory Barkman, Christine Pedersen and Jeff de Boer to create a stunning large tree sculpture entitled Return (pictured below). Made using recycling beverage containers, and standing at an impressive 11 plus feet tall, the sculpture represents the positive community impact from Alberta’s continued commitment to beverage container recycling. The sculpture has been making its way around Alberta since the fall of 2016.

Alberta Depot has partnered with Eastlink Centre for the month of March to display the sculpture. Eastlink Centre has many great environmental initiatives as well, including many waste reduction initiatives, water and energy conservation, charitable lost & found donations program, vermicomposting and plans to create a sustainable roof top garden.

Presented by Alberta Depot to celebrate and educate Albertans on the benefits of beverage container recycling. Find out more at

Tree Sculpture