Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lockers available in the change rooms?

Yes. Both combination and rental locker spaces are available in all change rooms. If you do not have a lock of your own, please see the Guest Services team at the West entrance to borrow one.

Is there an additional fee for using the FlowRider?

No. Use of the FlowRider is included with your membership or general admission fee. Please visit the front desk and sign a waiver to access this amenity.

Can I have my child's birthday party at the Eastlink Centre?

Yes! Please see our Birthday Parties page for cost and contact information.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, many City facilities have free Wi-Fi access, including the Eastlink Centre. There is no password required for the city WIFI.

City free Wi-Fi is accessible from your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) when you connect to the cityfree network in your mobile device settings menu.

It is the users responsibility to ensure that when connecting to any free, publicly accessible Wi-Fi, you exercise caution when viewing secure information (such as online banking) to avoid potential security breaches of information.

Where can I place a lost item if found?

The lost and found is located just past the front Guest Services desk. Any of our Guest Experience team hosts will be happy to help you.

I have a lost an item. Where can I find it?

The lost and found is located just past the front Guest Services desk. Any of our Guest Experience team hosts will be happy to help you find your missing items.

Due to the large volume of lost and found items, unclaimed items will be kept a minimum of 14 days after which the items are donated to support local groups within our own community.

Can I share my membership?

Only punch passes can be shared. Memberships can only be used by individuals as named.

Can my adult child be on my membership?

Yes, if they are a full time student and living at home. Proof of enrolment in full time study is required.

Can I cancel my membership?

All memberships must be active for a minimum of 1 month before cancelling. After 1 month you may cancel your membership at any time with no fee or penalty. Please note we do ask that you provide us with seven (7) business days’ notice before your next payment when terminating your membership.

Non-sufficient funds (NSF): Our NSF service charge fees are subject to change at any time without guest notification. Current service charge fee is $50 with no exceptions

Are there age requirements for the fitness classes?

All participants must be over 16 years of age to participate in a majority of fitness classes. Some classes are offered for younger age groups and families, check the fitness class schedule for details.

Who is allowed in the family change room?

We have reserved the family change rooms for parents accompanying children under the age of eight, as well as anyone needing assistance to change. Changing tables and a playpen are provided to assist families with little children.

We ask that kids over the age of eight and not requiring assistance, to please use the regular change rooms.

What are the age requirements for the Tree House?

Children ages 4 to 12 are welcome in the Tree House. No admission is required.

Click Here for Tree House rules and amenity details.


When is it okay for my child to be alone at the Eastlink Centre?

Keeping our kids safe is a high priority, which is why we have established the following regulations to ensure all guests safely enjoy the facility.

Children under 8 years old

Must be accompanied by a guardian who is actively supervising and must remain within arms reach at all times. Guardians must be in the water with children this age when using the aquatics area.

Children 8 – 9 years old

Must be accompanied by a guardian who is in the facility and available for staff to reach.
Guardians must be over 16 years of age.

Note - they do not have to be the child’s ‘legal guardian’. It can be anyone who is over the age of 16 and regarded as responsible.

Children 10 years old & over

May use the facility without supervision.