Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book multiple times at the outdoor pool?

In order to allow as many guests as possible to access the Grande Prairie Outdoor Pool’s limited season, we allow one booking per person per day.  We are unable to adjust or combine any scheduled booking times.

Will washrooms be available?

Eastlink Centre Washrooms:

  • Located on the East side of the pool deck, main floor
  • Located in the central Food Court, main floor
  • Located next to the Evergreen Energy room, West side of the concourse, second floor

Outdoor Pool Washrooms

  • Minimum of two stalls open inside the main building
Can I drop in at the Outdoor Pool?

The Outdoor Pool is only offering bookings at this time and no drop-in access is available. 

Can I book for my friend/neighbour for cohort bookings?

The person creating the booking must be present at the booking. 

When can I start booking in August for Outdoor Pool?

Booking starts on July 20th for the full month of August at

Will amenities be open in the outdoor pool?

The waterslide at the outdoor pool will be available during bookings.

Why is there no super setting in the gym?

We are asking that each person limit their use to one machine at a time to limit the amount of touch points.  With limited time and space in the area, focusing on one machine at a time enables our guests to clean their area properly before and after using the equipment.

Why are there no locker/change rooms available?

The safety of our guests and our staff is our priority as we reopen. Closing the change rooms allows us to redeploy our limited custodial staff to the areas that must be regularly cleaned for us to safely open to our visitors.

Why are no other water amenities being offered?

As the safety of our guests and our staff is our priority as we reopen, we have developed a phased approach to reopening our facilities.  Several amenities are not in the current stage of our reopening plan.

Can a family member share a lane since they are living in the same household? (Siblings or parents)?

At this time, we allow 1 person only per lane unless you have a pre-booked cohort group booking.

If I have a spot booked for one hour, am I allowed to leave early?

We are encouraging guests to stay for the full hour to allow us to control the flow of traffic within the facility.

What will I be responsible for cleaning?

In the weight room, you will be provided a Virex spray bottle and a cloth to wipe down your equipment before and after each use. In the aquatics area, if you choose to use flutter boards and personal flotation devices (PFDs), you will be asked to place it in a bin after you and staff will disinfect in between time slots.

After swimming, what is the process for leaving the pool while I am wet? What can I do?

We recommend guests towel dry and dress in loose fitting clothing, such as a hoodie and sweat pants.

Can a person stop by and take their chances? If there are drop in spots – how many are there?

Guests who have pre-booked their spots will be served first.  Availability is limited and times vary, we are unable to confirm the number of drop-in spots.

Can I withdraw my membership? Can I use the credit from that to purchase a Summer 2020 Membership?

Yes. We will back date your cancellation of membership to the date of closure, which was March 13, 2020.

Why do I have to buy another membership when I already have one?

The membership previously purchased is at a higher dollar value and offered full facility access. We have frozen all full value memberships and are offering a limited access membership at a lower cost during the COVID-19 pandemic to recognize that residents do not have access to all normal facility services. Your full price membership will stay frozen until we have full access to the facility again. You will not lose any time on your regular membership. 

Can I book multiple spaces under my name for family members?

No, each family member will need to book their own space and under their own name. Each person will need to obtain a “Summer 2020 Membership” of their own or pay the $5 drop-in.

What is the booking cancellation policy?

You will be expected to cancel no later than 7 days in advance for a full refund. To cancel Grande Prairie Outdoor Pool bookings, you will need to contact  

How can I purchase a one-month Summer Membership?

Visit and select: ELC Memberships > Summer 2020 > 1 Month Summer Membership. 

Can I pay cash?

At this time, we are encouraging guests to book online with contactless payments.

Am I allowed to cancel the one-month membership?

Our cancellation policy for memberships at this time is flexible and days not used can be reimbursed.

What is the minimum age to purchase the one-month membership?

Our aquatics area has a minimum age of 10 years old and the weight room 16 years old. Anyone under the age of 16 will need a chaperone booked in and on site. Cohort bookings will need to be done by someone over the age of 18 years old.

I already have a punch pass, why do I have to pay the $5 drop in?

Your previously purchased punch passes are worth a higher dollar value than the $5 drop-in and at this time we’re unable to offer all the amenities your punch pass would have allowed you to access.

How do I know if time slot is for a member or non-member?

 “Membership Spots” are labelled SUMMER PASS and include “no fee”; where as a “Drop In Spot” will be labeled simply “Weight Room or Lane Swim” and will include $5.00 fee. (Note: Drop in spaces can only be booked 1 day in advance)

Am I allow to book multiple spots for same day booking?

Guests are encouraged to be a maximum of one hour in each space of the facility. (One hour in aquatics, one hour in weight room).  Please be aware will not be able to allow guest to wait within the facility between their bookings.

How many days in advance I can book a spot?

If you have purchased a summer membership you can book up to 7 days in advance.  If you have selected the drop-in option you will be able to book up to 3 days in advance.

Can a person book a spot by calling if they do not have access to internet?

At this time, we are unable to taking bookings over the phone, however our Citizen Contact Centre representatives can walk you through the step by step process to book online. Call 780-830-5000 for assistance.