Family Christmas Party Packages

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Published: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 12:28

Looking for the perfect place for your family-friendly Christmas party? These affordable options are fun for all ages!


20 Guests (10 Adults & 10 Children)

40 Guests (20 Adults & 20 Children)

60 Guests (30 Adults & 30 Children)

80 Guests (40 Adults and 40 Children)

100 Guests (50 Adults & 50 Children)

Above Packages Include the Following:

-1 hour spontaneous fieldhouse use
-1.5 hours of spontaneous pool use
-1.5 hours in the Evergreen Energy Room for presents and snacks. Includes chairs, tables and 2 event hosts dressed as elves for set up, duration of the party and clean up.


-Decorations including Christmas trees, table cloths, centerpieces and hanging decorations: $100
-Take home craft (includes facilitation by event host): $3 per child
-Giant board games in or near the room rental: $20

Payment & Cancellations

-A deposit may be required upon booking
-Balance is due in cash, cheque or major credit card within 48 hours of the end of the event
-Orders may be cancelled without penalty 2 business days before the event

To book your event, contact Nicole Nunn at 780-357-7538 or

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