Council Approves New Fee Structure at the Eastlink Centre

This article was published over six months ago and may not reflect the most current information.
Eastlink Centre
Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 15:02

The membership fee structure was reviewed and the changes were made to better align the Eastlink Centre membership fees with other comparable facilities and encourage growth in sales and higher retention rates. The following membership fee reductions are being made:

• Family, Adult and Senior Memberships - 15%
• Student Memberships – 20%
• Youth and Child Memberships – 25%

The new fee structure will be as follows:


 Annual Prepaid

Six Month Prepaid 

Annual (Monthly)

Family  $1,325.50$802.00  $121.50
 Adult $662.75$401.00 $60.75 
 Senior (60+) $487.00$294.75  $44.75
 Student $458.25$277.25 $42.00 
 Youth (13-17) $429.75 $260.00 $39.50
 Child (3-12) $310.25 $187.75 $28.50

The intended outcome of the fee reduction is to increase the number of residents who are able to purchase a membership and attain regular access to the recreational facility. Increased use of the facility has the potential to create a positive impact on Grande Prairie residents’ mental and physical wellness through regular exercise.

The larger reductions in fees proposed for Students, Youth, and Child Membership groups, reflects the desire to encourage more young adults and youth to utilize the facility to develop healthy lifestyle habits at a younger age.

The new fee structure is effective on April 1. Full details will be available on and at the Guest Services location later this month.


Last Updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 15:06
Eastlink Centre