Personal & Group Training

Regardless of your age, or fitness level, anyone can experience the benefits of regular physical activity. Research shows that people who participate in regular exercise sleep better, have more energy, and are better able to manage their body weight (and look awesome in that outfit)! If you are ready to make a change, our trainers at the Eastlink Centre are here to provide the guidance and motivation needed to help you discover the strength and wellness you deserve.

To help us find the best fit for you, please fill out and submit our Personal Training Inquiry form (274kb PDF)

Individual Packages

75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want. Don't let this be you! Take your health to the next level and accomplish your goals faster with a personal trainer. Payment options are available.

Number of Sessions  Members  Package Price   Public  Package Price
 1 $65.00     $65.00    
 10 $58.00 $580.00   $63.80    $638.00
 20 $55.00 $1100.00   $60.50    $1210.00 
30  $51.00 $1530.00 $56.10    $1683.00 
40 $47.00 $1880.00 $51.70 $2068.00

10 & 20 session packages include two body analysis session. 30 & 40 session packages include three body analysis sessions.

30 Minute Packages

Who says you have to spend hours at the gym? For those in a time crunch who want to bust their gut - this is the package for you.

Number of Sessions   Members Package Price  Public  Package Price  
 10  $35.00 $350.00   $38.50    $385.00
 20  $33.00 $660.00   $36.50  $726.00

Group Training

Up to 50% savings with peer support and group motivation is what makes this one of the most popular training options available.

Small Group Training offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost plus get peer support, accountability and motivation. Participants do not have to be at exactly the same fitness level to benefit from group training. Custom designed workouts are built for different fitness levels. Individualized testing ensures that sessions are targeted to the specific needs of the group. Groups consist of a maximum of 4 participants (minimum of 2).

 # of Sessions  Participants  Members  Package Price Public  Package Price 
5 2 people $40 per session  $40 per session  $44.40 per session  $222 per person
10 2 people $37 per session  $370 per person  $41.40 per session  $414 per person
5 3 people  $35 per session  $175 per person  $38.50 per session  $192.50 per person
 10  3 people  $32 per session  $320 per person  $35.50 per session  $355 per person
 5  4 people $30 per session   $150 per person  $33 per session  $165 per person
 10  4 people  $27 per session  $270 per person  $30 per session  $300 per person

Program Design

If you are not getting results on your own - leave it to the professionals to do the work for you.
90 minute session
Members: $90.00
Non-Members: $99.00

Training 101!

Are you new to exercise? Don;t know where to start? Or is it time to finally bust through that plateau once and for all? This program will get you moving in the right direction. You will gain the knowledge to exercise safely and effectively to achieve your fitness goals.

(4) 1 hour sessions (includes program design).
Members: $240.00
Non-Members: $264.00

*GST not included in any of the pricing displayed